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Harmony in the Kitchen

9 ways food allergies effect a person's relationship with food

  1. A general fear of eating.

  2. Experiencing feelings of being on-guard, nervous, and stressed when in food environments.

  3. Engaging in binge-like eating behaviors when a food allergic person finds a new safe food.

  4. Distancing oneself from people when food is present.

  5. Mental exhaustion surrounding social food interactions.

  6. Eating meals alone.

  7. Not eating adequate amounts of food to sustain optimal nutrition.

  8. Intense control-type behaviors surrounding food preparation.

  9. Resentment towards non-allergic people and to foods allergic to.

Do you experience one or more?

Mission Statement

Harmony in the Kitchen helps individuals with food allergies to cultivate a healthier relationship with food and nutrition through self-reflection, nutrition education, and mindful eating activities.

In 4 weeks, you will confidently

  • differentiate mindful eating from mindless eating

  • understand the concept of mindful eating

  • identify personal benefits of mindful habit change

  • demonstrate the process of breaking your food rules

  • restructure your negative food thoughts

  • discover ways to practice everyday food joy

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Harmony in the Kitchen is a nutrition education course designed as a

self-guided workbook with the purpose of helping the participant cultivate a healthier relationship with food and food allergies. The program encourages the adoption of more mindful eating habits and dives deep into the nuances of personal eating experiences.

HITK is focused on a person diagnosed with food allergies that:

  • is interested and curious about nutrition and mindful eating

  • may be noticing unhealthy, unmindful food behaviors in themselves

  • wants to change their food habits and cultivate a more health-supportive, mindful relationship with food, food allergies, mind, and body

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Olivia, 21

"The way I speak to myself about food is more positive and I now eat all the foods I can that are not my allergies instead of only a small group of comfortable foods."

Yellow Pepper

Patrick, 30

"Before joining Nicole's program, I forced myself not to eat too much (I went sometimes 7 hours without food) to stay in shape and keep my gym progress. After these 4 four weeks, I eat a variety of allergy friendly foods and listen to my body's cues to eat when I am hungry."


Sarah, 26

"For the past 3 years, food has taken up most of my thoughts and energy. It was annoying and I was scared of most foods. I felt like what/how much I ate was something I could control. Life is better now. I see food as bonding with my family and appreciate how delicious food is. I am embracing who I am and learning that food fears and my food allergies don't control me. Nicole helped me to honor my body and nourish it in ways that make me feel good."


Noah, 16

"My mom cooked all of my food for me. I only felt like her food was the only way I can have safe food with my food allergies. I wished my allergies could go away so I can fit in better at school and my basketball team. Thank you Nicole for making me confident in my food choices around my friends. My mom is also teaching how to cook my favorite dinner."

Half a Tomato

Danielle, 42

"I have stopped labeling food as "good" and "bad". I learned to get rid of the rules I made for when I'm supposed to eat and not eating certain foods because they have too many carbs."

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