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The Endless Purse Saga

Every time I go out to a fancy event, party, concert, or even a quick stop in the grocery store, I grab my purse. Naturally, I take my purse for a place to hold my wallet and keys - but most importantly, I need a purse to hold my emergency medicine for my severe food allergies. I do not go anywhere without my medicine. My usual purse is a larger tote bag that fits my entire medicine bag and then some. However, on a night out, it is actually quite difficult to find an elegant clutch that is long enough for my 6 inch double pack Epipens, multiple Benedryls, Orapred steroid pills, Asthma inhaler, and emergency action care plan. I can't buy any clutch as I am constantly thinking if it is practical for me or not. This is so problematic and annoying at times - and I KNOW those of you with food allergies know what I mean. If you are blessed without allergies, maybe putting yourself in my shoes will help you understand.


So you're headed out on Saturday night to this super trendy place in the coolest part of the city. You bought the perfect dress, cutest heels, applied your makeup to a T, and secured that last flyaway hair. You look in the mirror, give yourself a pep talk, mentally noting "Yasss girl, you look hot!". Turning to grab your purse you haven't selected one yet. Carrying a heavy purse will not work tonight so you reach for a clutch that matches your heels. After 10 minutes of trying to strategically fit all of the essentials and your medicines inside, it just isn't working. You have to leave in 5 minutes; YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS RIGHT NOW. Scrambling, you think, well maybe I'll leave my lip gloss and extra concealer home. Maybe I could just hold my phone all night. These seem to be better than nothing and, eventually, everything just barely fits in your clutch. Now you're ready.

- Nicole xo.

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