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A Mindful Morning

Art by me.

When I flitter my eyes open to the first bit of morning light, it is tempting to open my Instagram app and see what I missed overnight. A month or so ago, I could have told you that I rarely missed my morning socials check. However, I found myself feeling uninspired and almost disappointed/unsatisfied with my day when it hadn't even had a chance to cultivate itself yet! Isn't that crazy? The immediate answer - yes it is. When contemplating and going a bit deeper regarding this self-observation, it isn't crazy. Let me explain. When looking at our favorite travel accounts jetsetting to their newest adventure in Tulum, the hottest instagram couple's engagement photo, or watching the newest workout video from the genetically gifted instamodels we follow, we have already put into our heads unrealistic "goals" for ourselves and our day ahead of us. Our day is doomed before it could come into fruition.

I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to wake up and give yourself a chance to be. By not checking social media, I find I am more inspired to be creative, carry out a more positive attitude for the rest of my day, and feel more myself through the rest of my day instead of having images and words of others cloud my vision of who I truly am. So I challenge you, tomorrow morning, to relish in that magical moment of peace upon waking up before scrolling through your socials.

Offering appreciation to whichever higher power you believe in or simply setting an intention for the day ahead is a crucial piece of my morning ritual. I am Roman Catholic and taking a few minutes each morning to express my gratitude for God and all that I have been blessed with including being thankful for the challenges He carries me through puts my heart in a good place creating the spiritual foundation in which my day can build upon. Setting an intention to, for example, have a more open mind or treat others with more compassion than yesterday, is something that can also put your heart in a good place for the day. Find whatever you connect with and use it to cultivate light and happiness in a way that is of value to you.

A couple of thoughts to help you delve a bit deeper into your soul or your deeper self might be:

- What are three non-material things I am grateful for right now?

- Morning affirmation: "I am (insert something empowering that helps you to see your beauty, uniqueness, and potential)".

- What action can I take to love myself/others today?

- What would help me to feel fulfilled and satisfied by the end of the today?

I love breakfast time and wake up excited to enjoy delicious food that will power me up for my most-of-the-time busy day ahead. Whether it be pancakes, oatmeal, fresh fruit, or a smoothie bowl, I enjoy brewing a cup of warm tea and nourishing my body. If you are the type of person that lacks the luxury of time to sit down for a full-on meal, try preparing your breakfast the night before to grab and go in the morning. Breakfast does not need to be boring! I challenge you to get creative with your favorite foods to whip up a breakfast that will have you running out bed each morning. You can always take a look at my breakfast|brunch recipes to spark some inspiration.

Honestly, sometimes all I need is a little time outside by myself to clear my mind and wipe clean my crowded internal to-do list. My mind never seems to stop - and I mean it. I will wake up with video ideas or blog content at 3 a.m. I will have accomplished one goal and immediately move to reach the next. I will even catch myself talking out my ideas to my loved ones for hours barely pausing to take a breath. Needless to say, I can overwhelm myself pretty easily even if the stress is from a positive source. The sounds of the rustling tree leaves, chirps of cardinals and bluejays in my backyard, cooling breeze of the late morning, and sensation of my bare feet on the earth beneath me is enough to root me back to what is important. It is enough to remind me that, yes, goals and productivity are important but taking the extra time to ensure my inner cup of self love and creativity is emptied from the day prior and replenished with fresh contents is even more important. Remember, we cannot pour from an empty cup.

I love to listen to my instrumental playlist while enjoying my breakfast outside which helps inspire me to create. Here is the playlist if you want to take a listen!


Leave a comment telling me what you include in your mindful morning routine!

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