Virtual Nutrition Counseling

The NN philosophy

A Wholesome Food Experience.

Born and raised in an Italian-American family, my most vivid memories include kneading pizza dough with grandma, decorating holiday cookies with momma, assembling the perfect Italian sandwich with dad, and picking fresh fruits and vegetables with grandpa from the garden. Sunday dinners and family mealtimes kept our family close and provided an experience where food was more than just its nutrient components. Recipes were adapted to become allergy friendly and foods were carefully prepared to ensure my safety. It is more than possible to carry out food traditions and participate in home cooking with food allergies and I can guide you through.


All Foods Fit.

Nutrition is important but so is the enjoyment of life. Why eliminate your favorite foods just because it may be higher in fat content or contains processed sugar? No one food is good or bad and by providing you with evidence-based research and knowledge of how nutrients interact with the body as a whole, I can guide you to finding your balance. I am a dietitian who believes that both apples and apple crisp can fit into a health supportive lifestyle.


Tailored To You.

Nutrition is not one size fits all. Each one of us has unique life experiences, health backgrounds, and attitudes towards wellness. It is important to me to explore all of the wonderful components that make you who you are and, together, create a path to reach your nutrition goals.

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