Meet Nicole Ciuppa

Registered dietitian, food allergy certified by EatRight, & food allergy advocate

    Being raised in an Italian American home, I seamlessly was immersed in the world of food from a very young age. My family prepared food from scratch, enjoying spending time together in the kitchen bonding with one another. At the age of two, after frightful anaphylactic reactions, I was diagnosed with multiple anaphylactic food allergies and my entire view towards food was developed with this new autoimmune disease as the center. My family began to adapt cherished generational recipes to keep me safe without sacrificing their taste and flavor. I became a nutrition label reading expert, confident self-advocate, and, in college, a curious nutrition student eager to learn. I have never consumed dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and a plethora of other foods, yet, I thrive and am well-nourished with perfect lab work. It is possible to have optimal nutrition status while enjoying delicious foods with anaphylactic food allergies as well as other health conditions and, as a registered dietitian, I am excited to help others reach this joyous relationship with food. 

    I naturally have a passion for content creation whether it be filming and editing videos for YouTube, writing blog posts, collaborating with trustworthy brands for social media promotions, or leading virtual campaigns to engage and educate others. This interest organically blossomed into an entrepreneurship. I launched Nutritionally Nicole, a blog focused on nutrition and food allergies, in 2016 as a place that provides belonging, positivity, and inspiration to those with food allergies. My blog of recipes has quickly grown into self-publishing a food allergy friendly recipe ebook, guest speaking at various events, and writing articles for global influencers from Canada, England, and Germany. I have built a community of like-minded people who support one another, recreate my recipes, and motivate me to continue creating. Your support is incredibly overwhelming and, because of you, I am humbled to share that Nutritionally Nicole won its first blogger award in August 2018 and spoke at the Food Allergy Research & Education Contains Courage Summit in November 2019.

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