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You have it inside of you to transform your health and your life.

Work 1:1 with dietitian Nicole for a unique, supportive, and personalized counseling experience tailored to your individual needs. 



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Navigate the food piece of food allergies

A new food allergy diagnosis is most often overwhelming, upsetting, and confusing. Living with food allergies proves to have many challenges such as cross contamination, medication management, food gatherings, food fears, and anxiety surrounding eating experiences. An often overlooked piece to food allergy management is ensuring optimal and adequate nutrition throughout the lifecycle. Trying to navigate you or your family's new normal might seem like you are left with more questions than answers.

Let me navigate you through the "food" piece of your food allergy life— the nutrition piece. Together through individualized online coaching, we will explore your nutrition curiosities, problem solve challenges that arise, and build your confidence in living a nutritious lifestyle with food allergies. Each coaching session builds upon the previous one to empower you in becoming your healthiest self.

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