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The Traveling Toaster

So I have this toaster. It's white, fits 2 slices of bread, is pretty small, and oh, it travels with me too. This toaster has made it through our road trip to Canada and my trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands twice. You might be asking "why would someone want to lug a toaster in their suitcase on a luxurious vacation?". You see, I carry my toaster so that I have a sense of security while traveling somewhere new. When I road tripped to Niagara Falls, Canada, I packed non perishable foods like my favorite whole wheat bread, rolled oats, soy milk, honey, cinnamon, and my favorite teas. I kept them in the hotel room so whenever I felt like having a snack, I was able to, like I was home in New Jersey, make a favorite pick me up. After a long day of adventures throughout Niagara Falls, I loved to pop some bread in my little toaster to make my famous honey and cinnamon toast. That alongside a hot cup of green tea was so homey and comforting to me. When having food allergies, it is the most random things [like bringing a toaster on vacation] that make all the difference.

-Nicole Ciuppa

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